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Please contact us within 14 days of delivery in order to enquire about a return request. Once a return request is granted you will be given a returns number, please include this noted inside the return.

– Returns shipping will not be covered by us and must be arranged by the buyer.

– Merlin Motorcycles is only responsible for carriage in one direction of transit, any damage that occurs while in transit back to SHAD UK will not be covered by us and we may refuse the return.

– Merlin Motorcycles will not accept any return without a returns number, this must be noted inside the return.

– Goods must be returned complete and in original packaging, in the same condition as sent. If the item is returned in either damaged packaging we may charge a restocking fee or decline the return.

– Goods packaging must not be written on or marked, this will result in a repackaging fee or refusal of the parcel, please note any address on a label attached to the packaging. Do not write on or mark packaging / products.

– Using excessive tape on a package will most likely damage the packaging when returned, this will result in a repackaging fee or refusal of the parcel, we recommend using parcel tape (clear or brown) and not using duct / cloth tape.

– If products or packaging is visibly damaged on return arrival, it will be refused or a fee will apply, depending on the damage.

– We reserve the right to refuse / return a package or charge a restocking fee when returns are returned to us after 14 days.