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YAMAHA YBR 125 / 125C Custom 2005-2016 Motul Motorcycle Service Kit


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Yamaha YBR125 and YBR125 Custom Service Kit 2005–2016
Service Kit Includes
Motul 5000 10w40 Semi-Synthetic Oil, 1Ltr
HFA4103 HIFlo Air Filter
CR6HSA (2983) NGK Spark Plug
7570135 (E7) Aluminium Sealing Washer
Chain Lube

Motul 5000 4T 10W-40 Hc-Tech Motorcycle Engine Oil  
Motul 5000 4T 10w-40 is a 4-stroke lubricant with HC-Tech® technology to ensure engine and gearbox protection.
Recommended for street and road bikes, trails and off-road bikes fitted with 4-stroke engines, integrated gearbox or not, wet or dry clutch, as well as engines fitted with exhaust gas after-treatment systems, e.g., catalytic converters, air injection into the exhaust pipe.
Also suitable for motorbikes without catalytic converters, ATVs, and mopeds.
Note: This oil can be mixed with synthetic or mineral lubricants.

Reinforced with HC-Tech® base stocks to ensure engine protection and improve gear life span, 
optimised phosphorus and sulphur content (JASO MA2 < 1200 ppm) for better operating conditions of catalytic converters
Offers the most efficient friction levels to guarantee clutch engagement during the three riding modes: starting, acceleration and constant speed    
Provides optimal wet clutch performance


Standards: API SL / SJ / SH / SG

Specifications: JASO MA2