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1 x RUST REMOVER 500ml & 1 x TANK CLEANER 500ml

Part Number : 833011/833012


The following information is about all available tank cure products.

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“TANK CURE” products enable you to recondition the inside of your fuel tank in a professional way. “TANK CURE” is manufactured by POLY-SERVICE. This petrol-resistant tank sealant is adopted on a large scale in the Netherlands. Germany, England and Belgium. Users have built up more than 15 years of very satisfying experience with this sealant. It has been successfully applied to steel tanks.

What can you achieve with Tank Cure?

Cure rusted tanks

Stop leakage through seams and pinholes

Preventive treatment against leaking seams. pinholes and the build up of rust

Shield off pollution in oil tanks (after sandblasting)

Treatment of the tank before application of Tank Sealant
In order to guarantee a good result, you always have to do some preparation for your tank. Before you apply the sealant, the tank should be absolutely dry. free of grease and almost free of rust. “TANK CURE” offers you products that will assist you in the preparation of the tank.

“TANK CURE” Tank Cleaner

“TANK CURE” Rust Remover

“TANK CURE” Epoxy Remover

These products form an ideal base before you apply the tank sealant.

A brief highlight of each product: 


“TANK CURE” Tank Cleaner

The Tank Cure Cleaner is a strong cleaning agent to make your tank grease-free. We recommend that you always use this agent because it guarantees good adhesion to the coating. Especially when it comes to tanks that are used for mixed lubrication or diesel. This agent is indispensable.
Fill the tank with Tank Cure Cleaner. Then close the filling opening; now turn and shake the tank in all directions so that the cleaner reaches all points on the inside (let the cleaner work in and shake again). Then drain the cleaner through the filling opening. Treat a rusted tank afterwards with Tank Cure Deruster. Rinse a stainless steel tank with tap water and allow it to dry thoroughly before applying the tank cure coating.
The minimum processing temperature is 18 oC. Consumption of 500 ml for a 20-litre tank.

“TANK CURE” Rust Remover
Tanks with a rusted interior can be treated very successfully with this product. Tank Cure advises using the rust remover if the inside of your tank is severely rusted.


“TANK CURE” Epoxy Remover
This product will remove all old layers of paint and/or sealants. Only use this product if you would like to apply a new sealant or if you plan to weld on your tank. You only need this product if you like to remove old layers of sealant or paint or if welding is needed on a tank that has sealant inside.

For a motorcycle tank, you will need 1/2 a litre of tank cleaner and 1/2 a litre of rust remover.


Application of the Tank Sealant

In order to guarantee a good result, you always have to do some preparation on your tank Before you apply the sealant, the tank should be absolutely dry. free of grease and almost free of rust. It is strongly recommended to use Tank CURE Cleaner and Tank CURE Rust Remover according to the user guidelines to guarantee a good result. These products are extensively tested in combination with the tank sealant.

“TANK CURE” tank sealant is based on a 2-component epoxy resin. After adding the two components together, stir them thoroughly for a couple of minutes. Empty the can in your gasoline tank and seal the filler opening properly. Now slowly turn the tank in all directions. Keep turning for about 15 to 20 minutes. The sealant should touch all surfaces several times to form a good layer. Now open the filler cap and put the tank upside down to drain as much sealant as possible.

You will find several products on the market to treat gasoline tanks. Whatever product you are going to use, it is very important to apply sufficient sealant to cover the inside of your tank completely. Being unable to look inside the tank during the sealing process means you have to stay on the safe side. Experience shows that you will need approximately 450 grammes for a 15- to 20-litre petrol tank. “TANK CURE” supplies two standard packages of sealant. A 450-gramme package for motorcycle tanks up to 20 litres and a 600-gramme package for car tanks up to 60 litres.


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