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Silkolene PRO 4 5w-40 XP Full Synthetic Oil 1 LTR


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Silkolene PRO 4 5w-40 XP Full Synthetic Ester Bike Engine Oil

Extreme performance, fully synthetic ester, 4-Stroke engine oil for all high-performance motorcycles.

The SILKOLENE PRO 4 XP range of motorcycle engines oils are designed using XP Technology for high-performance on- and Off-Road 4-stroke motorcycle engines.  XP Technology uses an innovative, highly shear-stable, low-volatility base oil formulation along with stable esters to achieve increased power, provide ultimate engine and transmission protection, reduce oil consumption and improve fuel economy even under race conditions.  XP Technology combats engine wear and reduces friction on all critical load surfaces at both high-temperature operation and on cold starts.

The SILKOLENE PRO 4 XP range is formulated to meet the needs of both air and water-cooled 4-Stroke engines fitted to Road and Off-Road motorcycles. PRO 4 XP comes in various grades to provide the correct viscosity for the majority of motorcycle manufacturers.


One product range suitable for all high-performance 4-stroke motorcycle engines on-road and Off-Road

Extensive racing experience and dyno analysis show significant increase in power output compared to conventional products, plus improved fuel economy and lower oil consumption 

Advanced surface chemistry provides outstanding anti-wear properties, giving vital protection to pistons, bores, cams and bearings even under race conditions 

Provides enhanced high-temperature deposit control, resulting in a cleaner engine and promoting longer engine life 

Suitable for gearboxes and transmissions where engine oil technology is specified,   outstanding gear wear and pitting protection 

Balanced frictional properties give precise clutch control and operation 

It also provides good corrosion protection, oxidation and nitration resistance, and lower volatility


Approvals and Specifications


API SM / SN Performance


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