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BMW R1200R / RS &  R1250R SH36 Carbon Panniers + White Pannier Covers + 3P Fitting Kit



Shad SH36 Panniers. Multi award winning side cases


Designed from the ground up for aerodynamic design and functionality. the SH36 panniers’ innovative shape offers clean. sophisticated lines which compliment every bike.


Engineered from the drawing board to optimise the internal capacity. each SH36 pannier can hold a full size (XXL) motorcycle helmet or luggage up to 36 litres in volume.


Every SH36 pannier is mounted using SHAD’s unique 3P system (see fitting kits for your bike) which creates an unobtrusive and slimline method to easily attach and detach each pannier.



Requires 3P Fitting System – better integrated and lighter

Capacity 36l: 1 Full face helmet in each case

Maximum Load 10kg

Highly aerodynamic

Inner tray – prevents contents falling out when opened

Impact Resistant

Fully Waterproof

Sold as a pair of 2 side cases

Width: 49cm / Height: 38cm / Depth: 33cm


Optional Accessories:

Pannier Inner Bag – SH35 / SH36

SH36 Replacement Pannier Covers

SH36 Replacement Red Reflectors



Length: 49cm

Height: 38cm

Width: 33cm


Shad SH36 Pannier Cover (White)

Personalise your SH36 panniers with a high quality coloured cover that upgrades the standard matt black finish of the pannier.


Available in a wide range of colours the SH36 White Pannier Cover add a distinctive finish to these high quality panniers from SHAD.


Sold as a pair.


BMW R1200R / R1200RS 3P Pannier Fitting Kit

The award winning 3P fitting kit has been specifically created to offer a slimline. lightweight solution to mounting your side cases. The typical rectangular frame is reduced to a lightweight. safe and L-shaped arm with 3 fitting kit points that make the mounting and dismounting of the side cases simple.


Currently compatible with the following side cases:


SHAD SH36 Carbon 36 Litre Panniers

SHAD SH35 Aluminium 35 Litre Panniers


Why is the 3P System So Unique?


Ease of Use

3P stands for ‘3 Points of Fixing’. All 3P kits are able to be fitted to your bike using the minimal number of bolts and fitting brackets leaving a clean and unobtrusive pannier mounting system.



Both the volume of the case and the angle of the 3P system have been designed to shift the luggage weight as much as possible towards the bike’s centre of gravity. This gives stability and security when driving with full load.



Firmness coupled with flexibility on the 3P system are reflected in the ability to let air flow easily around it. avoiding the ‘anchor’ effect of a typical flat and rigid case.


Integrated Design

The typical rectangular frame is reduced to a single arm which supports the three points (3P) needed to fix the side case.



The uniqueness and innovation of the new 3P System allowed us to proceed with the patent registration. This makes SHAD the only manufacturer that can offer this kind of fitting 



All fitting kits are supplied with full instructions for mounting.

No more restrictions whilst riding and no more storage issues.


This fitting kit is compatible with the following bikes and years:

BMW R1200 RS 2015

BMW R1200 RS 2016

BMW R1200 RS 2017

BMW R1200 RS 2018

BMW R1200 RS 2019


BMW R1250 RS 2019

BMW R1250 RS 2020

BMW R1250 RS 2021


BMW R1200 R 2015

BMW R1200 R 2016

BMW R1200 R 2017

BMW R1200 R 2018

BMW R1200 R 2019


BMW R1250 R 2019

BMW R1250 R 2020

BMW R1250 R 2021