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SHAD Niu N Series Electrica Top Box Fitting Kit + SHAD SH29 Top Box 2018 – 2020


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Niu N Series Electrica Top Box Fitting Kit + SHAD SH29 Top Box

The SHAD Top box fitting kit is designed to allow you to mount a range of SHAD top boxes onto your motorcycle or scooter.
Each top box fitting kit is tailored to each specific bike which results in a high quality product which is easy to attach and simple to connect to a compatible SHAD top case.
The Niu N Series Electrica Top Box Fitting Kit was designed specifically for this bike. guaranteeing the fit and ensuring compatibility with SHAD pannier rails (where available).
The simple to attach bike model specific fitting kit goes straight on to the tail of the bike and a SHAD mounting plate (which is included in any SHAD top box purchase) sits securely on top allowing a SHAD top case to attach with ease.
SHAD SH29 Top Box

The SH29 is one of the smallest top boxes in its range. weighing only 3kg. whilst still being able to fit accessories and 1 full face helmet inside.

The SH29 is designed for mopeds or smaller motorcycles and provides more room than conventional small top boxes do.

The SH29 top box has been manufactured with great attention to aesthetic details with a curved top face with integrated reflector and a wide range of top cover colour options.

Every SH29 incorporates a waterproof system ensuring that the contents stay dry no matter the weather.

Each SH29 is engineered to be one of the lightest boxes of its category with optimal case thickness. the same resistance to shocks and scratches and thus being lighter than another case with the same volume.

The SH29 Top Box Features:

29 Litre Capacity
1 Full Face Helmet and Accessories.
3kg Maximum Load
Mounting Plate Included (Bike Specific Fitting Kit Required)
Fully Waterproof
Impact Resistant
Fully Lockable With the SHAD Press Lock System
Simply Removed From Motorcycle With Box Specific Key
Lightweight and Aerodynamic
Elastic Compression Straps Included
Colour Change System
Designed in Barcelona

Optional Extras:
Backrest (D0RI40)
Rear Brake Light (D0B29KL)
SH29 Replacement Top Box Coloured Covers

This fitting kit is compatible with the following bikes and years:

2018 NIU N Series Electrica 
2019 NIU N Series Electrica
2020 NIU N Series Electrica
NOTE: For any other top box options – please contact and listing will be created



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