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Scottoiler Standard Blue Oil – 125ml


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Scottoil Standard Blue 125ml is an oil specifically blended for use with Scottoiler chain lube systems in normal, average temperatures.

  • Scottoiler Blue Oil is the first traditional Scottoil
  • 125 mL is enough for 2,500 miles of riding
  • It should be used in average daily temperatures of 0–30 °C (32°F–86°F)
  • Your choice of oil depends on the general riding temperatures you usually experience
  • Suitable for most European countries and North America

There is a high-temperature oil available for average temperatures of between 20° and 40°C.

Scottoil Blue is specially formulated for chain oiler systems to ensure the chain is consistently lubricated while you ride. Friction modifiers maximise efficiency, and the unique formula prevents a sticky mess from building up on your chain.