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Scottoiler Biodegradable Green Chain Lube – 250ml


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Our newest chain oil, Scottoil Biodegradable All Climate, is compatible with all Scottoiler chain oils. Scottoil Biodegradable All Climate is our most straightforward riding solution to date because it works in all riding climates (0–40 °C) and eliminates the need to change oils when the weather changes. With its recyclable plastic bottle and twist-lock closure, Scottoil Biodegradable All Climate is incredibly eco-friendly. It is blended with a vegetable oil base and is easily biodegradable.

Scottoil Biodegradable For chain oiler systems, All Climate is especially designed to make sure the chain stays lubricated throughout your trip. Friction modifiers increase efficiency and stop sticky muck accumulation on your chain with their special formula.


Scottoil Biodegradable All Climate is available with or without a filling spout and can be purchased in 125- and 250-ml bottles.

Scottoil Biodegradable Green offers a wide operational temperature range equivalent to approximately 0–40 °C (32–104 °F), making it suitable for all climates

Biodegradable Green Scottoil is noticeably different by nature of it’s bold green colour, recyclable clear plastic bottle and twist lock cap

Blended from a vegetable oil base Scottoil Biodegradable Green has been developed to ensure compatibility with the other Scottoil products and with all Scottoiler Chain Oilers

In order to be able to claim any product as ‘readily biodegradable’, it has to biodegrade quickly and completely (≥ 60% by OECD 301A-F/ASTM D7373 testing) within 28 day

Available in both 250ml (8.4 fl. oz. US) and 125ml (4.2 fl. oz. US) recyclable clear plastic PET bottles


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