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RST Tech X Coolmax Mens Pant



Our TECH X COOLMAX MENS PANT motorcycle base layer is made with premium materials to provide unmatched comfort, even in the most extreme weather. Its purpose is to improve your riding experience. This base layer is designed to perform exceptionally well and makes use of CP-U fabric, which is well-known for its superior moisture-wicking qualities. Attaining the ideal body temperature while your bike is more important than comfort alone.

This motorbike base layer is your trusted friend in hot weather and cold weather, keeping you warm and dry in the former and cool and dry in the latter. It is the key to long-lasting comfort on even the most taxing journeys. 

When you choose our TECH X COOLMAX MENS PANT motorbike base layer, you’ll ride better than ever. More than just a piece of apparel, it’s your key to achieving the best possible comfort and performance in any situation.


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L-XL, M-L, S-M