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Oxford Mint Motorcycle Helmet Care Kit


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It’s as important to keep your kit clean and smelling good as your bike. Oxford’s range of mint kit care products allows you to do just that. So both you and your bike can be ‘Best in Show’.

Everything you need to maintain the cleanliness and functionality of your helmet and visor.

Travel-sized cleaning and anti-fog treatments in a handy EVA foam pouch for convenient motorcycle storage.

Keep your kit in mint condition.

Helmet Sanitizer 100ml
• Cleans and removes odour and bacteria.

Anti-Fog Spray, 50 ml
• Reduces fogging inside your visor.

Helmet Cleaner 50 ml
• Cleans helmets from dirt, grease and insects.

Microfibre Cloth 30x30cm
• Useful for applying all the products included in this kit.

Great For
• On-the-go general helmet care.