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Motul C5 Chain Paste

MOTUL C5 CHAIN PASTE is a white spreadable chain grease for motorcycles. Specially developed for street motorcycles and karts. For standard, O-ring, X-ring, Z-ring chains. Excellent creeping properties, high adhesion thereby no spinning off of the chain grease at high speed.

– Increases chain life: reduces friction, water repellent, protects against corrosion.
– Easy to use with the integrated brush head.
– Very economical, contains significantly more active components than an aerosol.
– Excellent creep and adhesion properties for reliable lubrication even at remote lubrication points.
– Good adhesion prevents skidding – even on heavily loaded, fast running chains.
– Suitable for standard, O-ring, X-ring, Z-ring chains as well as for Bowden cables and articulated joints.

MOTUL C5 CHAIN PASTE is suitable for all fast-running motorcycle chains. Apply chain grease evenly very thinly over the entire chain using the integrated brush head. Make sure that the inner and outer sides of the chain are always thinly wetted so that the grease can get into the joints and when the chain is turned further, the grease is pressed over the sprocket into the joints. For optimum effectiveness, the specified drying time of min. 10 minutes should be observed. Regular use will extend the life of the entire chain kit.


Important: Before each application, clean the chain thoroughly with MOTUL C1 CHAIN CLEAN. 



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