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Motul 300V 4T Factory Line 5w-30 Ester Synthetic Racing Motorcycle Engine Oil 4 Ltr

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Motul 300V 4T Factory Line 5w-30 is a high performance, fully synthetic racing engine lubricant based on Double Ester-Technology. This very light viscosity grade enables maximum power output.


Recommended for race bikes fitted with high performance 4 stroke engines, integrated gearbox or not, wet or dry clutch, race engines and qualifying engines designed to run a low viscosity oil, including speed bikes, MotoGP, SuperSport, Superbike, uphill, and hill climb.

Also suitable for street bikes fitted with catalytic converters, ATV’s, and UTV’s.

Note: For optimum engine and gearbox performance, avoid mixing with other synthetic or mineral lubricants.


0% shear loss for stable oil pressure (regardless of running conditions) and perfect gearbox protection

Most advanced E Technology allows maximum power output of the engine without compromising reliability and wear

Up to 1.3% horsepower increase while maintaining wet clutch performance

Outstanding gearbox protection thanks to the innovative anti-wear additive package

Passes FZG Gear Test (FLS>14 – outstanding result), which evaluates lubricating and wear protection properties at the interface of a loaded set of gears


Above existing standards

Fully compatible with wet clutch (as per JASO T903 test)