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Macna Batteries + Charger Kit 7.4V 2.2Amp – 2 Batteries


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Perfect for the MACNA ION RTX heated gloves these batteries will give you 3–4 hours of warmth!: This is the battery and charger kit for Macna heated gloves that is likely to be the best combination of power and value. It will also power Macna heated socks. The power output from the two battery packs included in this kit is 2.2 amps (2.200 mAmps) each at 7.4 volts.
The charger can be used in the UK. EU and US sockets
Battery life: Expect the 7.4V 3 Amp kit to give you around 3–4 hours of real-life usage on the 3rd highest heat setting. If you are pumping out the heat on the highest setting, the time period will be shorter. On a lower setting, it will be longer.
Accessories: No further accessories are needed to power Macna heated gloves or socks. If purchased with Macna heated gloves or socks, save 10% on this batteries and charger kit
Does voltage matter?: Macna heated gloves can operate on 7.4 volt and 12 volt. This rechargeable battery kit for Macna heated gloves operates on 7.4 volt. which is a common voltage across different heated motorcycle glove manufacturers, including Gerbing, Furygan, or Keis. In principle, the higher the voltage, the greater the power output can be.
• 3–4 hours of real-life usage time in a warm setting longer on a medium setting




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