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LS2 OF562 Airflow L Open Face Motorcycle Helmet – Gloss White



LS2 Airflow L Jet Helmet

Lightness and protection come together with an alternative and very personal design in the new open-face model of the LS2 family, Airflow L. With seven colours to choose from and two modern graphics that go well with any scooter, this is the best accessory for urbanites and lovers of freedom on the highway.


Cutting-edge half shell with sensational price/performance ratio

Material: HPTT (High Pressure Thermoplastic Technology Resin)

Very compact helmet shell. Comfortable fit thanks to recessed ear area

Long visor for good wind protection

Aviator visor for modern look are optionally available

Effective ventilation

High-quality leather-look finish

Skin-friendly, quick-drying inner lining

Complies with ECE 22/05

Weight: 1,000 ± 50 g

Variable ratchet closure


Additional information


2XL: 63-64cm, 2XS: 51- 52cm, LA: 59-60cm, ME: 57-58cm, SM: 55-56cm, XL: 61-62cm, XS: 53-54cm


Gloss White


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