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Clever, compact ground anchor from Kovix Smarter than the average ground anchor, the new Kovix KGA secures a bike or scooter using only a chain; no padlock is required.

A heavy-duty lock and anchor point rolled into one, the KGA features an internal locking system that secures both ends of a heavy-duty chain with an ultra-strong 14mm locking pin.
Designed to accept chain links of 10, 12, or 14 mm in diameter, simply thread the chain through the bike’s frame or wheel as normal, position the last links of the chain within the body of the KGA, and lock it in place.

Dimensions are 112 mm in diameter and 55 mm in height, so the compact ground can be positioned wherever the bike or scooter is the safest without having to rely on existing objects to lock to.

Made from steel and zinc alloy with a corrosion preventative treatment, the Kovix KGA can be used indoors or out and can be floor or wall mounted, so owners can find the perfect position to lock their bike.

Supplied with a DIY fitting kit containing two retaining bolts and a hex key, plus three high-security keys and a coded key tag, for ordering replacements.