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The Kovix KCl alarm chain lock has a unique and innovative weatherproof alarm system designed for motorcycle and scooter use. It’s piercing 120-dB siren is louder than the average rock concert and has an easy-to-use ON-OFF function to suit individual circumstances. An automatic re-set feature is also incorporated should the system be accidentally activated. A long-life lithium battery is included and the whole weatherproof alarm module can be
replaced by the owner.

The locking system utilises a 12.5mm hardened steel locking pin along with a stainless steel key barrel, creating a very strong unit, and combining this with the stainless steel body structure, 8mm hardened steel chain and
sophisticated alarm system you have a fully featured and premium-quality security system—a force to
be reckoned with…

Every year, thousands of bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles are stolen in the UK, and this remains a huge problem.Surprisingly, many owners do not use any form of security or additional anti-theft devices! Now is the time to add an extra layer of security.

Stainless steel body structure
Hardened steel chain, 8mm Dia diameter by 1200mm
Heavy-duty mesh cover for chain
Hardened steel 12.5mm locking pin
120db alarm
Dual-axial Shock and Movement Sensors
Alarm ON-OFF selection function
Long-life lithium battery
Supplied with 3 security Keys
Canvas carry bag