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INNOVV C5 1.8Mtr(Standard Size Bike)Fitted Motorcycle Video Recorder/Safety Camera


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INNOVV C5 is praised for its simple yet highly effective design, light weight, compact dimensions, solid performance that meets an overall purity of purpose.

Lens case is made from CNC router aluminum cutting, DVR case is made by Aluminum extrusion, solidly built, especially for motorcycling.

Review live recordings & change settings via App on your mobile phone.
You also can download video clips from the C5 camera to your mobile phone, and share fun with friends via Facebook, Youtube and More.

Waterproof camera lens captures your adventures when riding in heavy rain, storms, and heavy winds. 
DVR, Power converter are rainproof, no worrying about water getting inside or damaged.


DC 12V to 5V Converter

Smart Design

Small size

Solidly built

Secure connection

2A power input fuse

Whole set is waterproof



Red Wire: Positive battery terminal.

Black Wire: Negative battery terminal.

Yellow Wire: Connect to any module that turns on after the ignition is ON (head light, trial light, etc.) This allows the camera to recognize when to switch between parking mode and riding mode. 


The switch between parking and riding mode is automatic.

Our smart power-supply delays the boot of the camera by 10 seconds after the ignition is powered on.

We do this to make sure that while the computer is starting the engine we, in a way, “stay out of the way”.


Two resolution modes for each of the recording modes (Continuous, Loop, Snapshot).

Tell the story in Vlog mode (2K/2560×1440 or 1080p/30fps).

Show the detail in sports mode (720p/60fps).


The goal of the “Vlog” mode is to allow the riders to capture not only the environment in the immediate vicinity of the rider but to also provide detail of the general area where the adventure takes place. In short, at full HD 1080p you will be able to take your friends on a virtual ride with you.


We realize that some riders, say commuters, might put more value on capturing the near vicinity of the bike and less on the romantic horizon (if any). Sports mode will allow them to track the near vicinity of the bike in silky smooth detail.


In both modes you can record continuously until the card is full or in a loop to assure you never stop recording (oldest clips will be deleted first, but for a large card it could still take hours before the first clip gets deleted.). Even in loop-mode you can still take a snapshot of an event and protect it from deletion.

In The Box:

Round 120-degree field of view lens with integrated USB-C and Power Harness
DVR module
Coaxial Connector to USB adapter
Plastic Lens Holder with 0.25 threaded receiver
Flat snap-fit connector plate
Adhesive backing pad
Snap-fit buckle with interlock
Pivoting interlock mount with universal 0.25in threaded (locking) mount
Clothing pinch clip (for cable management)
Micro-SD card reader with security line
Double-sided folded Installation Guide/User Manual (for original C5)


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