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Fuchs Silkolene PRO PREP – CONTACT CLEANER – SILKOPEN 500ml Aerosol


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Silkolene Maintenance Kit

PRO PREP Maintain Spray Hard Surface Conditioner 500ml Aerosol


Formulated for motorcycles and performance cars
Fuchs Silkolene PRO PREP is a high quality. hard surface conditioner especially formulated for motorcycles and performance cars. PRO PREP restores the colour and finish of plastics and painted surfaces. making subsequent cleaning easier.
Use of Fuchs Silkolene PRO PREP retards metal corrosion and inhibits the further adhesion of dirt and mud. Gives that elusive "factory finish" and also ensures smooth operation of plastic moving parts. Helps to waterproof and insulate ignition systems
Silkopen Aerosol Graphited Penetrating Spray 500ml Aerosol

Graphite Penetrating / Maintenance Spray

Fuchs Silkolene Silkopen is a graphited penetrating spray. It produces a jet spray of penetrating fluid for effective. quick release of seized and corroded metal parts. Suitable for use on fasteners. studs. valves. couplings etc.
It is intended primarily as a dismantling aid to help free off seized or corroded components. Silkopen Aerosol contains powerful solvents and dewatering aids to enable the fluid to “creep” into the most confined spaces.

Excellent creep penetration
Protects from further corrosive attack
Lubricates threads for dismantling
Effectively cuts through dirt. grime. rust and scale
Repels water
Contains no CFC propellants – ozone friendly

Contact Cleaner Electrical Component Maintenance Spray 500ml Aerosol

Ideal for plugs. points. suspension & engine parts

Silkolene Contact Cleaner is a powerful solvent designed to clean components with the minimum of fuss. leaving no residual film. Its vigorous penetration and quick drying action makes it perfect for cleaning fouled plugs. dirty points and other precision parts.

Contact Cleaner is also ideal for cleaning suspension and engine components during assembly. thereby ensuring maximum component life.



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