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FA165HH EBC Sintered Brake Pads 
The best metallic brake pad on the market for sport and fast motorcycles is EBC HH sintered high performance pads. Due to its long lasting and potent braking effect, within a year of their 2004 launch, these high performance brake pads established the benchmark by which all brake pads for street bikes were rated. EBC HH sintered brake pads are the wise choice for you and your bike because they are ideal for any situation you may encounter on the road or the track.
Key Features
* High friction rating for maximum stopping power
* Extremely long lifetime
* Super quiet in operation
* TUV and KBA tested and approved
* Supplied as one set per calliper
These American-made pads are a direct replacement for the sintered pads that came with your motorcycle when it was brand new. The sintered copper alloy offers superior braking and a longer lifespan. Where necessary, stainless steel radiator plates are attached to the pads to reduce heat transfer into the hydraulics of the bikes.

EBC HH pads are a fantastic option for any motorcycle rider seeking for a replacement or performance improvement since they offer fingertip stopping power in all weather conditions and an exceptionally long life.


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