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EBC FA085 Organic Motorcycle Replacement Brake Pads
Exclusively produced in the UK, EBC organic pads are manufactured from a high-tech eco-friendly pad compound that includes rubber, glass, and an aramid fibre. All EBC organic pads are constructed on hook retention backing plates, which prevent the friction material from separating even after prolonged use.
The E327 grade compound, which can be used on all road bikes and scooters, has been a best seller for more than 15 years, with more than 40 million sets sold globally. Completely TUV-tested, and now certified for ECE R 90 brake safety testing.
Not for use on a racetrack.

Key Features
The first and only ECE R90-approved pads in Europe
R90 compliance shows that brakes and sintered pads are compatible.
Organic pads are fully TUV-tested and KBA-certified, and their expansion grooves lessen noise and prevent cracking.
Surface searing under stress is reduced by an aramid fibre combination with non-ferrous particles.
In comparison to their sintered counterparts, organic pads are gentler on your discs without sacrificing any stopping strength at slower speeds.
Additionally offered as a sintered alternative or as a kit.

Why choose EBC?
The world’s widest selection of brake discs and brake pads is produced by EBC. Brake discs and pads are safety items, and EBC has long believed that they are best created by hand with great care and attention to detail. You can trust that brake pads with the EBC trademark will deliver and perform thanks to its 60 years of braking material blending experience.



Superior streetbike brake pad
100% ECO friendly
Can be used to replace organic or sintered
ECE R 90 approved and TÜV tested
Benefit from low disc abrasion and dust



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