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Denali D3 Fog Lights & DialDim Smart Controller Motorcycle Bundle Kit


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Denali D3 Fog Lights (X2) & DialDim Smart Controller Kit

We have put together this package, which consists of two D3 fog lights with hinged mounts and the groundbreaking Denali DialDim controller, which comes with all the required connectors and cabling.


Denali D3 Bundle Includes

Universal DialDim Controller : One Switch, Two Circuits, Infinite Control

Our ground-breaking DialDim™ Lighting Controller features a multicolor halo dimming switch that allows you to independently turn on/off and dim two sets of auxiliary lights from a single consolidated wiring harness. The LED halo switch displays your exact settings and allows for effortless dimming on the fly. The blue halo controls light set one and the green halo controls light set two; simply double click to switch between the two circuits.

The controller also features high beam, turn signal, and horn inputs to unlock intelligent flash features that can cancel your aux lights with your turn signal, flash your aux lights as a turn signal, or strobe your lights when you sound your horn.


DialDim™ Harness Overview
The dedicated light outputs are labeled and color coded so adding one or two sets of lights to you vehicle couldn’t be any easier. Connect your main lights to the blue leads and your 2nd set of lights (typically fog or visibility lights) to the green leads.

Then simply connect the ring terminals to the vehicle battery and the white 12v input wire to a switched power source. To enable the high beam sync, turn signal flashing features, or horn flashing features simply connect the input wires to the corresponding circuit on the vehicle.

In addition the controller harness and switch, the kit includes (4x) five foot plug-&-play light extensions and a handlebar switch mount. Simply add the light pods and your ready to ride!


On/Off & Dim
Independently control two sets of lights on/off and intensity level using the single DialDim™ Switch. The blue halo controls light set one and the green halo controls light set two. Double click to switch between the two circuits.


High/Low Sync
Your auxiliary lights will automatically switch between your selected dim setting to full intensity with the factory high beam switch. Simply connect the blue input wire to your vehicle high beam circuit to enable this feature.


Stealth Mode
A clever 0% dim setting on the switch allows your lights to be “off” during normal driving conditions but will jump to 100% intensity with your vehicle high beam switch. The lights will also react to turn signal and horn inputs in this mode but will remain off when no inputs are detected.


Cancel with Turn Signal
When enabled the main lights (blue circuit 1) will cancel in sync with your signal to prevent “washing out” your factory turn signal. Simply connect the yellow and orange input wires to your vehicle turn signal circuit to enable this feature.

Flash as Turn Signal
When enabled your amber visibility lights (green circuit 2) will flash in sync with your factory turn signals. Simply connect the yellow and orange input wires to your vehicle turn signal circuit to enable this feature.


Strobe with Horn
When enabled your auxiliary lights on both circuits will strobe at 4Hz when you sound your horn. Simply connect the green input wire to your vehicle horn circuit to enable this feature.


Electronically Fused Circuits
Both light circuits are electronically fused and can be set right from the switch itself! The halo will illuminate red to notify you when a circuit fused is tripped.


Voltage Display Indicator
Upon vehicle startup, the switch halo will flash green to indicate a healthy battery voltage, or flash red to indicate a battery voltage that is below 11.8v.


Low Voltage Cutoff
If battery voltage drops below 10.8v the lights will not power on preventing you from being stranded. The switch halo will flash 4 red LEDs to indicate the low voltage condition.


Denali D3 Light Pods

The Denali D3 LED lights are built upon a decade of DENALI innovation to deliver the highest performing street-legal fog light to hit the market.

Their proprietary fog optics were painstakingly engineered to reach the maximum allowable candela (beam distance) for each of the regulated lighting zones for both the North American SAE/DOT and European Union ECE regulations! The result is a truly unique lens that performs as well as it looks, capable of generating a super-crisp fog beam that is 450 feet long by 350 feet wide at 1 lux (per pair)! No other street-legal fog light even comes close! 


Best in class street-legal fog beam (SAE/DOT & ECE certified) 
High-Intensity Series Cree LEDs outputting 2800 lumens per pod 
DataDim™ 3-wire smart-dimming technology (compatible with all DENALI dimming controllers) 
DrySeal™ Submersible Waterproof light can withstand the most extreme environments 
Impact PC™ Polycarbonate bezels won’t crack, fade or corrode like traditional aluminum bezels. 
LiveActive™ Thermal Management keeps the LEDs cool preventing the loss of light output from overheating 
Low profile mounting bracket with stainless steel hardware included 


Beam Performance (pair) 
Beam Distance (at 1 lux): 450 feet (137 meters) 
Beam Width (at 1 lux): 300 feet (91 meters) 


Specs (single pod)  
Pod Size: 3.5″ (90mm) Round x 3.0″ (76mm) Deep
LED: (4x) 11 Watt Cree XP-P LEDs 
Power Draw: 40 Watts (3.3 Amps)
Lumens: 2800
DataDim™ Compatible: Yes 
Operating Voltage: 9-32V DC 
IP67 Waterproof & Submersible
Fog Lens Certifications: SAE/DOT J583 & ECE R19 


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