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NGK Iridium IX Spark Plug – CR9EIX Stock No. 3521


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NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

NGK iridium spark plugs currently represent the highest-quality technological solution. They feature an iridium alloy on the middle electrode, welded on in a special process using laser. One of the world’s hardest metals, the precious metal iridium, starts melting at a temperature of 2450°C and is therefore very resistant to spark erosion. By using it, the service life is doubled on average in comparison to standard nickel spark plugs.

The improved throttle response, superior anti-fouling and high ignition make the Iridium IX ideal for the performance enthusiast. Iridium’s extremely high melting point is perfectly suited to today’s high-temperature engines, delivering outstanding acceleration, fuel efficiency and durability.

A fine iridium tip ensures high durability and a consistently stable spark

Trivalent metal plating for superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties

Outstanding acceleration, high fuel efficiency and durability.


Fitment Summary
Compatible with 2,411 models (yearly).

  • Aprilia: Compay 50 Custom, Mojito 125, Mojito 125 Custom, RS 660 Brembo caliper, RS4 125, RS4 125 Replica, RS4 125 Replica SBK, RSV 1000 Tuono V4R, RSV4 1000F, RSV4 1000LE, RSV4 1000R, RSV4 1000 R Factory, RSV4 1000RE, RSV4 1000RF, RSV4 1000RR, RSV4 1000 RR RK, RSV4 1000 Tuono, RSV4 1100, RSV4 1100 Factory, RSV4R 1000 Tuono, Scarabeo 100 4T Yamaha, Scarabeo 100RE, Scarabeo 125Eu3, Scarabeo 125ie, Scarabeo 125 Light Street, Scarabeo 200 Aprilia motor, Scarabeo 200ie, Scarabeo 200 Piaggio Motor, Scarabeo 504T, Scarabeo 504V, Scarabeo 50 Street 4T, Tuareg 660 Brembo caliper, Tuono 1100V4, Tuono 1100 V4 RR, Tuono 660 Brembo caliper
  • Arctic Cat: DVX 250
  • Benelli: BN 251, BN 302, BN 302R, BN 302S, BN 302 Tornado, BN 600GT, BN 600i, BN 600R, BN 600R I, TNT 1130, TNT 1130 Cafe Racer, TNT 1130 Century Racer, TNT 1130 Naked Tre, TNT 1130R, TNT 1130 R 160, TNT 1130 R Sport, TNT 1130 Titanium, TNT 900 Cafe Racer, TNT 900 Century Racer, TNT 900 Naked Tre, TNT 900 Sport, Tornado 1130Tre, Tornado 900Tre, TreK 1130, TreK 1130 Amazonas, TreK 900, TRK 251, Velvet 400LC
  • Beta: Alp 350 4 Suzuki Engine, CRRV 350, Euro 350, GSRV 350, Jonathan 350, M4 350 Motard, M4 400 Motard
  • Bimota: SB6 1100, SB6R 1100, SB8K 1000 Gobert, SB8R 1000, SB8R 1000 Monolever, SB8R 1000 Santa Monica, YB9 600
  • BMW: G 450N, G 450S, G 450X
  • Buell: CR 1125, R 1125, R 1125 Cyclone, R 1125 Super TT
  • Cannondale: FX 400ATV, Glamis 440ATV, Moto 440ATV, S 440 Supermoto
  • Derbi: GP1 125 Nude, GP1 125 Racing, GP1 250, GP1 250i, Rambla 250, Rambla 250i
  • Ducati: 749 Dark, 749 Monster, 749R, 749S, 996R, 996 R Testa Stretta, 998 BiPosto, 998FE, 998R, 998S, 999 Superbike, Monster 1000S4R, Monster 1000 S4RS, Monster 996S4R, Monster 996 S4R SP, ST3 992ABS, ST3 992 Brembo 4-Pist radial calipers, ST3 992S, ST3 992SS
  • E-Ton: CXL 150 Challenger, CXL 150 Yukon 2, EXL 150ST, RXL 150 Viper R, RXL 90 Viper, RXL 90 Viper R, RXL 90 Viper-Mini, RXLR 90 Viper-Mini R, VTX 300ST, VTX 300 Vortex, VXL 250ST, VXL 250 Vector, YXL 150 Yukon
  • EBR: Black Lightning 1190 Rebel, RX 1190, SX 1190
  • GasGas: EC-F 2504T, ECF 2504T, ECF 3004T
  • Gilera: DNA 125, DNA 180, Runner 125 Black Soul, Runner 125 Sport Soul, Runner 125 VX VXR, Runner 125 White Soul, Runner 180SP, Runner 180VXR
  • Harley-Davidson: FLDE 1750 Deluxe, FLFB 1750 Fatboy, FLHC 1750 Heritage Classic, FLHR 1750 Road King (EG), FLHRC 1750 Road King (EG), FLHRXS 1750 Road King (EG), FLHT 1750 Electra Glide Standard, FLHTCU 1750 Electra Glide, FLHTCU 1750 Electra Glide Ultra Classic, FLHTCUTG 1750 Tri Glide Ultra, FLHTK 1750 Ultra ltd, FLHTKL 1750 Ultra ltd Low, FLHX 1750 Street Glide, FLHXS 1750 Street Glide, FLRT 1750 Freewheeler, FLSB 1750 Sport Glide, FLSL 1750 Softail Slim, FLSTC 1750 Heritage Softail Classic, FLSTF 1750 Softail Fatboy, FLTRK 1750 Road Glide, FLTRU 1750 Road Glide, FLTRX 1750 Road Glide, FLTRXS 1750 Road Glide, FXBB 1750 Street Bob, FXBR 1750 Superglide Sturgis, FXBS 1750 Superglide Sturgis, FXDF 1750 Dyna Fat Bob, FXFB 1750 Fat Bob, FXLR 1750 Superglide low rider, FXLRS 1750 Superglide low rider, FXSB 1750 Superglide low rider, FXST 1750 Softail Standard, Servi Car 750
  • HM Italia: CRE 50 Baja, CRE 50 Baja Basic, CRE 50 Six Competition, CRE 50 Six Racing, CRM 50 Basic, CRM 50 Derapage
  • Honda: CBR150 R, Click125 i, FS125 Sonic, MT125
  • Husaberg: FE 2504T
  • Husqvarna: SM 450R, SM 450RR, SM 530R, SMR 449, SMR 4504T, SMR 511, TC 250i, TC 310, TC 449, TE 310, TE 449, TE 511, TXC 250, TXC 250GNC, TXC 250 GNCC, TXC 310
  • Kawasaki: GPZ 1100E F, Z 1000A1, Z 1000A2, Z 1000A3, Z 1000A6F, Z 750J1, Z 750J2, Z 750J6F, Z 750L7F, Z 750L8F, Z 750L9F, Z 750LAF, Z 750 PBF MBF, Z 750 PCF NCF, Z 750R, Z 750S, Z 800A, Z 800B, Z 800E, ZR 1100A1, ZR 1100A2, ZR 1100A3, ZR 1100A4, ZR 1100B1, ZR 1100B2, ZR 1100B3, ZR 1100B4, ZR 250 Balius, ZR 250 Balius II, ZRX 1100C1, ZRX 1100C2, ZRX 1100C3, ZRX 1100C4, ZRX 1100C5, ZRX 1200A1, ZRX 1200A2, ZRX 1200A3, ZRX 1200A4, ZRX 1200A5, ZRX 1200A6, ZRX 1200B1, ZRX 1200B2, ZRX 1200B3, ZRX 1200B4, ZRX 1200B5, ZRX 1200B6, ZRX 1200C1, ZRX 1200C2, ZRX 1200C3, ZRX 1200C4, ZRX 1200C5, ZRX 1200C6, ZRX 1200C7, ZRX 400E1, ZRX 400E10, ZRX 400E11, ZRX 400E12, ZRX 400E2, ZRX 400E3, ZRX 400E5, ZRX 400E6, ZRX 400E7, ZRX 400E8, ZRX 400E9, ZX10 1000A1, ZX10 1000A2, ZX10 1000B1, ZX10 1000B2, ZX10 1000B3, ZX12R 1200A1, ZX12R 1200A2, ZX12R 1200B1, ZX12R 1200B2, ZX12R 1200B3, ZX12R 1200B4, ZX12R 1200B6F, ZX4 400G, ZX6R 600F1, ZX6R 600F2, ZX6R 600F3, ZX6R 600G1, ZX6R 600G2, ZX6R 600J1, ZX6R 600J2, ZX6R 600J3, ZX6R 600P7F, ZX6R 600P8F, ZX6R 600R9F, ZX6R 600RAF, ZX6R 600RBF, ZX6R 600RCF, ZX6R 600RDF, ZX6R 600REF, ZX6R 600RFF, ZX6R 600RGF, ZX6R 600RHF, ZX6R 600RJF, ZX6R 600RKF, ZX6R 636A1P, ZX6R 636B1, ZX6R 636B2, ZX6R 636C, ZX6R 636EDF, ZX6R 636EEF, ZX6R 636EFF, ZX6R 636EGF, ZX6R 636EHF, ZX6R 636EJF, ZX6R 636G, ZX6RR 600K1, ZX6RR 600K2, ZX6RR 600N, ZX7R 750P1, ZX7R 750P2, ZX7R 750P3, ZX7R 750P4, ZX7R 750P5, ZX7R 750P6, ZX7R 750P7, ZX7R 750P8, ZX7RR 750N1, ZX7RR 750N2, ZX7RR 750N3, ZX7RR 750N4, ZX7RR 750N5, ZX7RR 750N6, ZX7RR 750N7, ZX7RR 750N8, ZX9R 900B1, ZX9R 900B2, ZX9R 900B3, ZX9R 900B4, ZX9R 900C1, ZX9R 900C2, ZX9R 900E1, ZX9R 900E2, ZX9R 900F1, ZX9R 900F2, ZX9R 900F3, ZXR 250A1, ZXR 250B1, ZXR 250B2, ZXR 250C1, ZXR 250C2, ZXR 250D1, ZXR 400R, ZXR 400 R-RR, ZXR 750H1, ZXR 750H2, ZXR 750J1, ZXR 750J2, ZXR 750K1, ZXR 750K2, ZXR 750L1, ZXR 750L2, ZXR 750L3, ZXR 750M1, ZXR 750M2, ZZR 1100C1, ZZR 1100C2, ZZR 1100C3, ZZR 1100D1, ZZR 1100D2, ZZR 1100D3, ZZR 1100D4, ZZR 1100D5, ZZR 1100D6, ZZR 1100D7, ZZR 1100D8, ZZR 1100D9, ZZR 1200C1, ZZR 1200C2, ZZR 1200C3, ZZR 1200C4, ZZR 400K1, ZZR 400K2, ZZR 400K3, ZZR 400N1, ZZR 400N10, ZZR 400N11, ZZR 400N12, ZZR 400N13, ZZR 400N14, ZZR 400N2, ZZR 400N3, ZZR 400N4, ZZR 400N5, ZZR 400N6, ZZR 400N7, ZZR 400N8, ZZR 400N9, ZZR 600D1, ZZR 600D2, ZZR 600D3, ZZR 600D4, ZZR 600E1, ZZR 600E10, ZZR 600E11, ZZR 600E12, ZZR 600E13, ZZR 600E14, ZZR 600E15, ZZR 600E2, ZZR 600E3, ZZR 600E4, ZZR 600E5, ZZR 600E6, ZZR 600E7, ZZR 600E8, ZZR 600E9
  • KTM: EXCF 250 Enduro, EXCF 250 six days, Rally 450 Factory Replica, SMR 450, SMS 450, SX 505, SX 505 Quad, SX 505 Quad ATV, SXF 250, SXF 450, SXF 505, SXSF 250, SXSF 450, TXC 400, XCF 250, XCF 505, XCFW 250
  • Malaguti: Madison 180T, Madison 200 Master, Madison 200 Restyling S, Madison 400K, RST 125
  • MBK: Evolis 125, VP 125 Cityliner, YP 125 Skycruiser, YW 125Z
  • Moto Guzzi: Corsaro 1200 Avio Veloce, Gran Passo 1200, Granferro 1200, Stelvio 1200, Stelvio 1200ABS, Stelvio 1200NTX
  • Moto Morini: 11.5 1200 11 and a half, 9.5 1200 9 and a half, Corsaro 1200, Corsaro 1200 ZZ-ABS, Granpasso 1200, Milano 1200, New York 50, Rebello 1200, Scrambler 1200, Sport 1200
  • MV Agusta: Brutale 1000RR, Brutale 1000 Serie ORO, Brutale 1078, Brutale 1090, Brutale 1090 Corsa, Brutale 1090R, Brutale 1090RR, Brutale 675, Brutale 750, Brutale 750ORO, Brutale 750S, Brutale 910R, Brutale 910S, Brutale 920, Brutale 989R, F3 675 Brembo 4-Pist radial caliper, F3 675Oro, F3 675RC, F4 1000, F4 1000 F312R, F4 1000 LH44, F4 1000RC, F4 1000 Veltro, F4 1000 WSBK, F4 1078CC, F4 1078RR, F4 1078 RR F511, F4 750ORO, F4 750S, F4C 1000 Claudio Castilioni, F4R 1000 Brembo Evo M50 4-Pist calipers, F4R 1000 Claudio, F4R 1000 F312, F4R 1000 Tamburini, F4RR 1000 F312, F4S 1000, Rush 1000
  • Norton: Commando 1000, Commando 961 Cafe Racer, Commando 961 Cafe Racer MK2, Dominator 961, Dominator 961SS
  • Peugeot: Geo 125RS, Geopolis 125 AJP Caliper, Geopolis 125 Executive, Geopolis 125 Premium, Geopolis 250 Nissin Caliper, Metropolis 400 Allure, Metropolis 400 GT Connect, Metropolis 400RS, Metropolis 400RXR, Metropolis 400 Sport, Satelis 125, Satelis 125 Avenue, Satelis 125 Black Sat, Satelis 125 Compressor, Satelis 125 Executive, Satelis 125 Premium, Satelis 125RS, Satelis 125 Urban, Satelis 125 Whitesat, Satelis 250RS, Satelis 250 Urban, Satelis 4002, Satelis 400 Premium, WTR 125
  • Piaggio: Free 100, GTX 125 Super Hexagon, GTX 250 Super Hexagon, Liberty 1254T, Liberty 504T, Sfera 1254T, Sfera 150, Skipper 150 LX LXT, Skipper 150ST, Zip 1004T, Zip 504T
  • TM Racing: EN 250F, EN 450 Enduro, EN 450 Enduro F, Flat Track 450Fi, FT 450, MX 250F, MX 250 F Brembo front caliper, MX 450F, MX 450Fi, SM 450F, SMM 450 Black Dream, SMR 450F, SMX 450F, SMX 450Fi
  • Triumph: Daytona 600, Daytona 650, Daytona 675, Daytona 675R, Daytona 955 955i, Daytona 955 T955i, Speed 4 955, Speed Four 600 T801, Speed Triple 955 955i, Sprint 955RS, Sprint 955ST, Street Triple 675, Street Triple 675R, Tiger 800 Dualsport, Tiger 800 XC A08, Tiger 800 XC A082, Tiger 800 XCA A082, Tiger 800 XCX A082, Tiger 800 XR A082, Tiger 800 XRT C201, Tiger 800 XRX A082, Tiger 800 XRX Low C301, Trident 660, TT 600 T805
  • Vertemati: C 500 Cross, E 501 Enduro
  • Vespa: ET4 504T
  • Suzuki: DR 350 SE-S, DR 350 SE-T, DR 350 SE-V, DR 350 SE-W, DR 350 SE-X, DR 650SE, DRZ 250K1, DRZ 250K2, DRZ 250K3, DRZ 250K4, DRZ 250K5, DRZ 250K6, DRZ 250K7, GSF 400 Bandit, GSF 600 Bandit, GSF 650 Bandit, GSR 600K6, GSR 600K7, GSR 600K8, GSR 600K9, GSR 600L0, GSX 1300 R Hayabusa WVA1, GSX 600FK1, GSX 600FK2, GSX 600FK3, GSX 600FK4, GSX 600FK5, GSX 600FK6, GSX 600FT, GSX 600FV, GSX 600FW, GSX 600FX, GSX 600FY, GSX 750FK1, GSX 750FK2, GSX 750FK3, GSX 750FK4, GSX 750FK5, GSX 750FK6, GSX 750FV, GSX 750FW, GSX 750FX, GSX 750FY, GSX 750 W Retro, GSXR 1000K1, GSXR 1000K2, GSXR 1000K3, GSXR 1000K4, GSXR 1000K5, GSXR 1000K6, GSXR 1100M, GSXR 1100N, GSXR 1100WP, GSXR 1100WR, GSXR 1100WS, GSXR 1100WT, GSXR 1100WV, GSXR 1100WW, GSXR 1100WX, GSXR 1100WY, GSXR 250R, GSXR 600K1, GSXR 600K2, GSXR 600K3, GSXR 600K4, GSXR 600K5, GSXR 600K6, GSXR 600K7, GSXR 600V, GSXR 600W, GSXR 600WN, GSXR 600WP, GSXR 600X, GSXR 600Y, GSXR 750K1, GSXR 750K2, GSXR 750K3, GSXR 750K4, GSXR 750K5, GSXR 750K6, GSXR 750K7, GSXR 750WN, GSXR 750WP, GSXR 750WR, GSXR 750WS, GSXR 750WT, GSXR 750WV, GSXR 750WW, GSXR 750WX, GSXR 750Y, GT 250A, GT 250B, GT 250M, RF 600R, RF 600RP, RF 600RR, RF 600RS, RF 600RT, RF 600RV, RF 900RR, RF 900RS, RF 900RS2, RF 900RT, RF 900RV, RF 900RW, RF 900RX, SG 350 Goose, TL 1000R, VL 250 Intruder
  • Yamaha: Apex 1000LE, EX 1050 Rec Lite, FZ1 1000 N NA, FZ1 1000S, FZ6R 600, FZ6S 600 Fazer, FZ8 800 N 39P, FZ8 800 S 42P, FZR 600R, FZS 1000 Fazer, HW 125 Xenter, HW 150 Xenter, JB 1050 X jet Blaster, MT 125A, MT 125 MTN125A, MT09 900A, MT09 900ABS, MT09 900 MTN 850, MT09 900 No ABS, MT09 900SP, MT09 900 Sport Tracker, MT09 900 Street Rally, MT09 900 Tracer GT, MT09A 900 Tracer ABS, Phazer 500XTX, SR 1049 Viper LTX, TT 250R, TT 250RL, TT 250RM, TT 250RN, TT 250RP, TT 250RR, TT 250RS, TT 250S, TTR 250 Enduro, Venture 500MP, VK 1049 Professional II, VP 125 Xcity SE43, VX 1050 Jet Ski, WR 250F, WR 250FW, WR 250R, WR 250RA, WR 250RB, WR 250RD, WR 250RE, WR 250RF, WR 250RG, WR 250RH, WR 250RJ, WR 250RY, WR 250RZ, WR 250X, WR 250XA, WR 250XD, WR 250XE, WR 250XF, WR 250XG, WR 250XH, WR 250XJ, WR 250XK, WR 250XY, XJ 600N, XJ 600 SD SR, XJ6 600F, XJR 400 4HM1, XJR 400 4HM2, XJR 400 4HM3 Brembo Caliper, XJR 400 4HM4, XJR 400 4HM6 Brembo Caliper, XJR 400 4HM7, XJR 400 4HM8 Brembo Caliper, XJR 400 4HM9 Brembo Caliper, XJR 400 4HMA Brembo Caliper, XJR 400R, XSR 900ABS, XSR 900 Non ABS, XT 135 Crypton-X, YP 125 Majesty, YP 125 Majesty SE06, YP 125 XMax, YP 125 Xmax R Business, YXZ 1000R, YXZ 1000SE, YZF 1000R1, YZF 1000SP, YZF 600R, YZF 750R, YZF 750SP