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NGK Spark Plugs

NGK is the leader in motorcycle spark plugs, with spark plugs OEM-approved and fitments for virtually every motorcycle, ATV, and scooter application in the world. Utilising a wide variety of materials, from standard copper-core type to iridium, NGK is the world’s leader in spark plug engineering and technology.

NGK sets standards for meeting the highest quality requirements. With advanced technology. NGK guarantees a performance level for spark plugs that can resist even the harshest conditions thanks to cutting-edge technology.

Over 90% of all Japanese motorcycles come factory-installed with NGK components!
NGK spark plugs are both dependable and innovative. When it comes to maximising performance while reducing its negative effects on the environment, specialists are used.

Fitment Summary
Compatible with 1,608 models (yearly).

  • Adly: RS 300 Quad
  • AJS: JSM 50 Motard
  • Aprilia: Classic 50, ETX 125, ETX 150, MX 125 Cross, MX 125 Motard, RS 125, RS 125 123 Rotax, RS 125 Extrema, RS 125 Extrema Replica, RS 125 R Replica, RS 125 Replica, RS 125 Tuono, RS4 50, RS4 502T, RS4 504T, RS4 50CHF, RS4 50 F FA, RS4 50K1, RS4 50 Replica, RS4 50 Replica SBK, RS4 50X, RX 125, RX 125R, RX 50, Scarabeo 50, Scarabeo 502T, Scarabeo 504T, Scarabeo 50 4T E2, Scarabeo 504V, Scarabeo 50DD, Scarabeo 50 Ditech, Scarabeo 50 Restyling, Scarabeo 50 Street, Scarabeo 50 Street 4T, SR 125 PX125 K4740, SR 125 Racing, SX 125E4, SX 125MY, Tuareg 125, Tuareg 125 Rally
  • ATK (USA): 250 Rotax, 406 Rotax
  • Benelli: 125, 125 Jarno, Leoncino 250
  • Beta: Evo 80 Junior, Evo 80 Senior, R10 50 19mm reach spark plug, R12 50 19mm reach spark plug, RR 250 Enduro, RR 250 Racing, Techno 200 Trial, Techno 250 Trial, Techno 270 Trial
  • BSA: A65 650, A65 6501T, A65 6502H, A65 6502S, A65 650FB, A65 650 Firebird Scrambler, A65 650 Hornet, A65 650L, A65 650 Lightning, A65 650 Lightning Rocket, A65 650R, A65 650 Rocket, A65 650 Rocket GS, A65 650 Spitfire, A65 650 Star Twin, A65 650 Thunderbolt, B25 250 Starfire, B50 500 Gold Star, B50SS 500 Street Scrambler, B50T 500 Victor Trial, C15 250, C15 250A, C15 250B, C15 250C, C25 250, Royal Star 500, SS80 250 Gold Star
  • Derbi: GPR 125 Nude, GPR 125 Racing, GPR 50, GPR 50 Nude, GPR 50 Racing, Sonar 50, Variant 50, Variant 50 Sport
  • E-Ton: AXL 90 Thunder, DXL 90 Sierra, DXL 90 Tornado, EXL 150ST, NXL 90 Thunder, VXL 300 Vector
  • Fantic: Casa 250 Competizione, Cross 80 Competition, Koala 80, TF 250, TR 250 ES Enduro 6 Day, TZ 250 Caballero, TZ 250 Cabellero, TZ 300 Caballero Regolarita Scuderia
  • GasGas: HP 300RV, HP 300 Wild Quad, MC 250, MC 250F
  • Gilera: SC 125
  • Harley-Davidson: SST 350, SX 350
  • Honda: CL350 Scrambler, CRM50 RN, CRM50 RP, CRM50 RS, CRM50 RT, CRM50 RV, CRM80 R, FES125 Pantheon, FES150 Y, FL350 R, MBX125 R, MR175 , MTX125 R, MTX125 R2, MTX125 RF, MTX125 RWD, MTX125 RWF, MTX80 C, MTX80 R2, MTX80 RFC, MTX80 RFD, MTX80 RFE, MTX80 RFF, NSR80 R, SL350 K0, SL350 K1, SL350 K2, SL350 K3, TRX350 A
  • Husqvarna: CR 250, CR 360, CR 430, RC 390, WR 240, WR 250, WR 300, WR 360, WR 400, WR 400F, WR 430, WR 430AE, WRE 430, XC 250
  • Kawasaki: AR 125LC, GPZ 1100A1, GPZ 1100A2, GPZ 1100A3, GPZ 1100B1, GPZ 1100B2, GT 750P1, GT 750P2, GT 750P3, GT 750P4, GT 750P5, GT 750P6, GT 750P7, GT 750P8, GT 750P9, KC 100C, KDX 125 A B1, KDX 125 A B2, KDX 200H, KDX 220R, KDX 250B1, KDX 250B2, KDX 250B3, KDX 250B4, KDX 250C1, KDX 250C2, KDX 250C3, KDX 400, KDX 420A1, KDX 450A1, KDX 80, KE 100A, KE 100B, KE 125A7, KE 125A8, KE 250B1, KE 250B2, KE 250B3, KH 100A, KH 100G, KH 125A1, KH 125A2, KH 125A3, KH 125A4, KH 125A5, KH 125K1, KH 125K10, KH 125K11, KH 125K12, KH 125K13, KH 125K14, KH 125K15, KH 125K16, KH 125K17, KH 125K2, KH 125K3, KH 125K4, KH 125K5, KH 125K6, KH 125K7, KH 125K8, KH 125K9, KL 250A C, KMX 125-1, KMX 125A1, KMX 125A2, KMX 125A3, KMX 125A4, KMX 125A5, KMX 125A6, KMX 125B10, KMX 125B11, KMX 125B12, KMX 125B2, KMX 125B3, KMX 125B4, KMX 125B5, KMX 125B6, KMX 125B7, KMX 125B8, KMX 125B9, KMX 200A, KX 250C1, KX 250C2, KX 250D, KX 250K1, KX 250K2, KX 250K3, KX 250K4, KX 250K5, KX 250L1, KX 250L2, KX 250L3, KX 250L4, KX 250M1, KX 250M2, KX 500B1, KX 500B2, KX 500C1, KX 500D1, KX 500E1, KX 500E10, KX 500E11, KX 500E12, KX 500E13, KX 500E14, KX 500E15, KX 500E16, KX 500E2, KX 500E3, KX 500E4, KX 500E5, KX 500E6, KX 500E7, KX 500E8, KX 500E9, KX 80B1, KX 80B2, KXT 250 Tecate, Z 1000A1, Z 1000A2, Z 1000A3, Z 1000A4, Z 1000B1, Z 1000B2, Z 1000B3, Z 1000B4, Z 1000D1, Z 1000D2, Z 1000D3, Z 1000E1, Z 1000E2, Z 1000E3, Z 1000G1, Z 1000H1, Z 1000H2, Z 1000J1, Z 1000J2, Z 1000J3, Z 1000K1, Z 1000K2, Z 1000M1, Z 1000M2, Z 1000MK2, Z 1000R1, Z 1000R2, Z 1000R3, Z 1100A1, Z 1100A2, Z 1100A3, Z 1100B1, Z 1100B2, Z 1100D1, Z 1100D2, Z 1100L1, Z 1100R1, Z 1100R2, Z 1300A1, Z 400D1, Z 400D2, Z 400D3, Z 400D4, Z 700A1, Z 750B1, Z 750B2, Z 750B3, Z 750B4, Z 750D1, Z 750D2, Z 750E1, Z 750E2, Z 750F1, Z 750G1, Z 750GP, Z 750H1, Z 750L1, Z 750L2, Z 750L3, Z 750M1, Z 750N, Z 750N1, Z 750N2, Z 750R1, Z 750S1, Z 900A4, Z 900A5, Z 900B1, Z1 900, Z1A 900, Z1B 900, ZN 1100B, ZN 700A1, ZN 700A2
  • KTM: EXC 250 Enduro, EXC 250 six days
  • Lexmoto: LSM 50
  • Malaguti: Drakon 50 Naked
  • Moto Guzzi: Breva 750, Breva 750 Touring, Nevada 750, Nevada 750 Anniversario, Nevada 750 Aquila Nera, Nevada 750 Classic, Nevada 750 Club, V7 750 Cafe Classic, V7 750 Classic
  • Peugeot: Elyseo 100, Looxor 100, Speedfight 1 100, Speedfight 2 100, Streetzone 100, SV 100Geo, Trekker 100, Vivacity 100, Xfight 100LC
  • Polaris: 250 2×4 4×4, Cyclone 250X
  • Rieju: Drac 50, NKD 50 Naked, RRX 50
  • Royal Enfield: Bullet 500, Bullet 500 Classic, Bullet 500 DeLuxe, Bullet 500Efi, Bullet 500 Electra, Bullet 500 Silverstar, Bullet 500 Sixty-Five, Bullet 500 Standard, Classic 500, Classic 500Efi, Clubman 500Efi, Electra 500 DLX G5 Drum, Electra 500 E5 Drum, Fury 500, Sixty Five 500 Drum, Trials 500, Woodsman 500
  • Sherco: Enduro 250 2.5i, Enduro 250i, SC 2502T, SC 300 Cross Country 2T, SCR 300, SE 250 Enduro, SE 300 Enduro 2T, SEF 250 Enduro, SEi 300 Enduro 2T, SER 250 Enduro 2T, SER 300 Enduro 2T
  • Suzuki: DS 100C, DS 100N, DS 100T, DS 100X, DS 125, RG 125UCG, RG 125UCH, RG 125UCJ, RG 125UCK, RG 125UCL, RG 125UCM, RG 125UCN, RMX 250R, RMX 250S, RMX 250ST, RMX 250SV, T 200 Invader, TM 400 Cyclone, TS 250A, TS 250B, TS 250C, TS 250ER, TS 250J, TS 250K, TS 250L, TS 250M, TS 250N, TS 250R, TS 250X, TS 400A, TS 400B, TS 400J R, TS 400K, TS 400L, TS 400M, TSX 240RH, TU 250 X Volty
  • Triumph: Bonneville 750 Brembo Caliper, Daytona 500 T100R, Hurricane 750, Rushden 750, T100 500 Tiger, T110 650 Tiger, Thunderbird 6506T, Tiger 650 TR6R, TR5 500 Trophy, TR6 650 Trophy, TR7 650 5 Speed, TR7V 750 Tiger
  • Vespa: Cosa 200, Sprint 502T
  • Yamaha: CT 175CT2, DT 125E, DT 125LC1, DT 125 LC2 YPVS, DT 125RE, DT 125RR, DT 125X, DT 80LC, DT 80 LC 2, IT 425G, IT 425H, MX 175 Air cooled, MX 360 Comp, RD 250LC, RD 350F, RD 350LC2, RT 1802T, RT 180G, RZ 2504L3, RZ 250R, RZ 250 RR 51L, RZ 250SE, RZ 250T, RZ 250W, RZ 350F1, TX 750, TY 250S R, TZ 750, YFS 200B, YFS 200C, YFS 200D, YFS 200F, YFS 200G, YFS 200H, YFS 200J, YFS 200K, YFS 200L, YFS 200M, YFS 200N, YFS 200P, YFS 200R, YFS 200S, YFS 200T, YFS 200V, YFZ 350 Banshee, YZ 360, YZ 360A