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NGK Spark Plugs

NGK is the leader in motorcycle spark plugs, with spark plugs OEM-approved and fitments for virtually every motorcycle, ATV, and scooter application in the world. Utilising a wide variety of materials, from standard copper-core type to iridium, NGK is the world’s leader in spark plug engineering and technology.

NGK sets standards for meeting the highest quality requirements. With advanced technology. NGK guarantees a performance level for spark plugs that can resist even the harshest conditions thanks to cutting-edge technology.

Over 90% of all Japanese motorcycles come factory-installed with NGK components!
NGK spark plugs are both dependable and innovative. When it comes to maximising performance while reducing its negative effects on the environment, specialists are used.

Fitment Summary
Compatible with 420 models (yearly).

  • GasGas: EC 200, EC 200E4, EC 200ER, EC 200 Racing, EC 200 Sixdays, EC 250, EC 250 2T Cervantes Replica, EC 2504T, EC 250 Cami, EC 250 Cami 2T, EC 250E4, EC 250F, EC 250 Racing, EC 250 Racing 2T, EC 250 Replica, EC 300, EC 3002T, EC 300E, EC 300E4, EC 300ER, EC 300F, EC 300 GP 2T, EC 300 H 2T, EC 300 Racing, EC 300 Ranger 2T, EC 300 Six Days, EC 300 Standard, ECE 300, ECF 3004T, Enduro 300, SM 250 Supermoto
  • Honda: CR250 R1, CR250 R2, CR250 R3, CR250 R4, CR250 RA, CR250 RB, CR250 RC, CR250 RD, CR250 RE, CR250 RF, CR250 RG, CR250 RH, CR250 RJ, CR250 RK, CR250 RL, CR250 RM, CR250 RN, CR250 RP, CR250 RR, CR250 RS, CR250 RT, CR250 RV, CR250 RW, CR250 RX, CR250 RY, CR250 RZ, CR500 R, CR500 R1, CR500 R2, CR500 R3, CR500 RE, CR500 RF, CR500 RG, CR500 RH, CR500 RJ, CR500 RK, CR500 RL, CR500 RM, CR500 RN, CR500 RP, CR500 RR, CR500 RS, CR500 RT, CR500 RV, CR500 RW, CR500 RX, CRE250 Import
  • KTM: EGS 200, EXC 200 Enduro, EXC 360 Enduro, MX C 360, MXC 200, SX 200, SX 360, XC 200, XCW 200
  • Linhai: Goon 260
  • Suzuki: RM 250K1, RM 250K2, RM 250K3, RM 250K4, RM 250K5, RM 250K6, RM 250K7, RM 250K8, RM 250K9, RM 250L0, RM 250L1, RM 250L2, RM 250L3, RM 250L4, RM 250L5, RM 250L6, RM 250L7, RM 250V, RM 250W, RM 250X, RM 250Y, RMX 250K, RMX 250L, RMX 250M, RMX 250N, RMX 250P
  • TM Racing: EN 250 Enduro 2T, EN 300 Enduro, EN 300 Enduro 2T, EN 300 Fi ES, FT 300, GS 80, MC 80, MX 2502T, MX 250 2T Brembo front caliper, MX 3002T, MX 80, SMM 250 4T Brembo front caliper, SMM 300, SMM 3002T, SMR 2502T, SMR 250 F Brembo front caliper, SMR 3002T, SMX 250, SMX 250 2T Brembo Caliper, SMX 3002T
  • Yamaha: YZ 250A2, YZ 250B2, YZ 250B3, YZ 250D2, YZ 250D3, YZ 250E2, YZ 250E3, YZ 250F2, YZ 250G2, YZ 250G3, YZ 250H2, YZ 250H3, YZ 250J, YZ 250J2, YZ 250J3, YZ 250K, YZ 250K2, YZ 250K3, YZ 250L, YZ 250L2, YZ 250M2, YZ 250N, YZ 250N2, YZ 250P2, YZ 250R2, YZ 250S, YZ 250S2, YZ 250T, YZ 250T2, YZ 250U, YZ 250V, YZ 250V2, YZ 250W2, YZ 250X2, YZ 250Y2, YZ 250Z2