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Air Seal (Bike Seal) Tubeless Tyre Sealant & Puncture Preventer (4000ml)


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Air-Seal 4000ml Bottle – Puncture Prevention System

(Previously Known as Bike-Seal)

A unique premier tyre sealant / puncture prevention system.

Same unrivalled product previously sold in 1L bottles. now relaunched under new label in convenient 550 ml bottle. as a result of customer feedback and growing demand.

This product was first formulated in the early 60’s for NASA. to protect their spacesuits. where it was successfully used. It was then adopted by the US Military in the early 1970s having met the remit to protect their tyres when shot!  It was introduced and tested for UK military use. before entering service within the entire NATO forces. It has been successfully used in conflicts such as Iraq and Afghanistan. where independent reports have been written in testament to its effectiveness.

MIRA has also extensively tested this same product. under a different label.  (Prior to the formation of the Bike-Seal & Auto-Seal brands bringing this product to wider markets with specialised knowledge and experience). Further independent testing by different organisations included “real world” speed trials. whereby it was tested and approved for use within the UK’s ‘Blue Light Emergency Services’. It is the only such product to have been tested and authorised in this way.

This sealant is a unique puncture prevention system. unlike any other tyre sealant on the market. Its unrivalled technology is superior. providing a permanent prevention solution as part of safe tyre management for your motorbikes and all vehicles and is now widely used world-wide by major organisations and commercial vehicle fleets.


Seals up to 15 mm punctures PERMANENTLY

Easy self-application

Complete with telescopic delivery cap (extension if required) and valve core removal key

Guide usage: 1 x 4000 ml bottle protects

Product can be stored even when opened – no shelf life. so can be used at later date.

Compatible with all TPMS
(Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)


How it Works
As the tyre rotates, the product spreads evenly over the inside surface.

The moment a penetration occurs, the air pressure in the tyre forces millions of fibre particles and fillers suspended either in ethylene or propylene glycol to interlock which plugs the hole in the tread area preventing any further air loss within one or two revolutions of the wheel.

This action is so rapid that the driver may not know a puncture has happened. Later, when the tyre is inspected, if the cause is still present it can be removed.

When removed, the vehicle must be driven immediately to enable the sealant to re-seal.

Depending on the grade of sealant used, holes up to 30 mm (1¼ inches) can be repaired using this technology.

The stronger the fibres, the stronger the tyre repair. The strongest fibres are state-of-the-art synthetic fibres such as those used in tyre cord and bullet proof vests.

Using a variety of fibres is also very important, especially in the relatively thin carcass of an ATV, golf buggy or lawn care equipment tyre.

The more varied the fibres in both length and degree of branching, the faster the seal forms and the more permanent the seal is.

Once a strong plug is formed by the fibres, the final seal is provided by filler particles which lodge between the fibres to form an effective airtight plug.

The use of these fillers is imperative for a high performance sealant.

Suspension stability

The function of the liquid in the sealant formulation is the medium by which the fibres and fillers reach the area of the puncture in the tyre.

In some sealant formulations, the components may separate over a period when the tyre is inactive.

If separation does occur, such formulations will fail as tyre sealants.

Air-Seal high performance sealants will not separate to ensure protection for the legal life of the tyre.

Quantiy Required Per Tyre
One unit = 30ml, 4 litres bottle  = 133 Units – One full press of the pump = 1 unit. 

Item Type    Units Needed
Ride-on Mower    Front 16 Units / Rear 32 Units
Wheelbarrow    16 Units
Trailer / Caravan    16 Units
ATV / Quad    32 Units
Car    8 Units
SUV (4×4)    12 Units
4×4    16 Units
Bicycle    4 Units

Product Specifications:
General purpose
Water washable
Will not damage trye or rim
Non toxic formula
Non flamable



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